Thursday, 24 November 2011

Integrated Circuits ( IC s )

Linear, digital and Microwave are three type of ICs.

Further, they are of Monolithic, Film and Hybrid.

Monolithic :- They have the disadvantage that:- 1. Range of element values, 2. tolerance variation of passive components ( 10- 30 % )

Film type ICs are of two types:- Thin ( deposion of conductive films) and Thick( deposition of resistive film). They have better tolerance.

Hybrid ICs are mix of Monolithic and film. Active comopnets include diffused transistors and diodes. Passive components are of thin film type.

Steps of IC manufactoring:-

  • Material Preparation

  • Surface Passivation

  • Photolithography

  • Junction Formation ( By diffusion or by ion implantation )

  • Film deposition.

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