Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Some questions answered.

Q)What is the difference between Screw Compressor and Reciprocating Compressor?
Ans) Screw Comp. is a constant torque load device. The output( i.e. air flow is also const.). unlike reciprocating comp, current of Screw Comp is much less fluctuating.

Q)Why three intermediate tap positions ( 11A,11B and 11C) are provided?
Ans) For Mechanical convenience.

Q) What re three MODES of CB/Feeder?
Ans) 1.Service :- Both Control and Power Supply will be there.
2.Test :- Only control Supply and no power supply.
3.Isolation:-Neither Control Now Power Supply.

Q)Where you find two diaphragms in transformer?
Ans) In the EXTRA VENT provided just below level og conservator.

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