Monday, 26 March 2012

Latest Tech Innovations in Electrical Engineering

  • Grid - Scale storage
Till now pumped storage or compressed air storage technology was there, which costs about Rs 40,000 per unit.
Now flow batteries, liquid-metal batteries, flywheels and ultracapacitors have come up which costs Rs 10,000 per unit.
  • Digital Power Conversion
Silicon carbide/ gallium nitrite high speed switches for high freq. power handling, They are energy efficient and nano and can replace today's bulky transformers.
  • Compressorless AC and Electrochromic windows
Thery dehumidify air with desiccants instead of refrigeration cycle. Window shading w.rt temperature is also coming up.
  • Clean Coal
Till now carbon capture and sequestratyion (CCS) costs Rs 500,000 per KW. New tech will make 90 % of CO2 capture @ Rs 100,000 per KW.
  • Biofuels and Electrofuels
Cane/Corn ethanol are available. Cellulosic and algae based biofuels are also coming up @ Rs 100 per gallon.

  • Others:- Gen IV nuke reactors, Small , shrouded wind turbines, Solid-oxide fuel cells, ground-source heat pumps.

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