Monday, 10 September 2012

How to measure Flow?

Flow Strainers, Impellers, Magnetic sensing pickups. 

Turbine Meter

  • good for telemetry
  • errors may be caused 'coz of excessive frictional torque.
Electromagnetic flowmeter
  • suitable for slurry, sludges etc
  • Adv: size adaptability,No pressure drop
  • Disad: for heavy slurry, high operating cost.
Hot Wire Anemometers

  • more flow > more cooling
  • voltage variation
  • measured by POT

Using Thermister

  • can measure velocity of air

Ultrasonic flow meter

  • used mainly for liquid
  • useful for bidec tional flow
  • Adv:linear relationship
  • Adv:insensitive to variation in viscocity, density and temp
  • Disadv: complexity
  • Disadv: relative high cost

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