Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Circuit Breaker Maintenance

Some ratings for knowledge:
Spring charge motor   DC 220 V

Coils  : Shunt Trip  110 V Dc
                Closing Coil   110 V Dc

There are three types of maintenance:
Corrective, Preventive and Predictive.

The governing IS for CBs:

  • Routine test as per IEC 60065/IS 13118
  • Testing alongwith panels to be tested as per IEC 60298/ IS 3427

Shown above is a 12 KV VCB, 1600 A, 25 kA

Interrupter Assembly:

  • contacts
  • arc interrupters
  • arc chutes
Operating assembly
Operating rod
control panel
sealing system

Breaking Medium
  • SF6
  • Oil
  • Vacuum and Air 

Auxiliary Equipment  :   Alarm Scheme, Annunciator etc\

What checks we should carry out in a traction substation regarding CB and interruptor?

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